10 Things To Boss Up Your Life!

Hi darlings ♥,

Today I’m sharing my list of things to boss up your life. These are a few mandatory things you should be doing, but of course not all inclusive. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’m sure you will find may “quotables”  scattered around.


1. Take care of your credit score. There are several sites where you can monitor your score. I personally use Experian (Paid). However, I do have a recommendation from a friend that uses KreditKarma (free). Below is  a scale for credit scoring. However different lenders may use a different scale. This is just an example.

  • Excellent Credit: 750+
  • Good Credit: 700-749
  • Fair Credit: 650-699
  • Poor Credit: 600-649
  • Bad Credit: below 600

According to my company, my credit score is good. Practice what you preach. 

2. Pay off (or start paying) debts. Don’t be in debt your whole life. I know everyone hates to pay Sallie Mae back, but you have to start at one point or another. The sooner, the better.

TIP:Use the debt snowball effect -pay the smallest debt first to keep motivation high. Cut back on unnecessary expenses and fall off until you need to. Trust me, people may think you’re crazy—-but it’s not about what they think. Get your life together. Your real friends will be there waiting to celebrate with you!

TIP 2: I personally use to track finances and stay on top of my goals. If you enter your credit card information & set a goal to pay off debt they will show you when the expected pay off date is and in which order and amount to pay your cards. ThrowMoney


3. Invest in insurance. Life, travel, car. Be responsible.  GoFund

4. Travel. – “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” <– I can fully attest to that quote. Believe me.

Picture of a bus in Phuket, Thailand.

5. Learn what makes you happy/ What do you like to do? – My personal likes are being near a beach, exploring nature (think hikes, river walks), shopping, getting pampered and relaxing with my loved ones. What are yours?


6. Get active. This can be gym, yoga, running, dance class. Don’t just sit at home all day. 10 or 15 minutes is better than nothing. Remember that. Be social as well.


7. Learn to make at least 3 amazing go to meals that can impress (you) company. Food is definitely a way to bond. & who doesn’t A.) Love a person who can cook B.) Love to eat great home cooked food. No brainer. Duh.

8. Decorate your home. Your home is your place of refuge. You should smile when you arrive at your door. Make an effort and investment on what you really want. It may not all come together in one month or two, but set a goal and make an effort to meet it.


9. Find your personal style. Dress for your body type and pick clothes that make you feel good. Don’t just buy something because you see everyone wearing it -think Instagram boutiques. Be a trendsetter. Never a follower.


 Stay ahead of the game my people.StayAhead

10.Purge. Your life. This means everything from that old nail polish to people who suck your happiness out of you. Why hold on when it brings no value? Food for thought.


What would you add to this list? Let me know in the comment section below!


7 thoughts on “10 Things To Boss Up Your Life!

  1. I love this and agree with everything that is listed. It’s funny because I was listing the credit cards I have and I established a goal to pay off the smallest amount first. So when card #1 is paid off, I add the amount of card #1 to card #2 plus what I already budgeted to pay for card #2 when I was paying on card #1.

    Embracing life is so important to me also. The family and I are taking the kiddos to Disney World in June! I also aligning other activities for the remainder of the summer and even next year. Planning is a requirement!

    Decorating…it’s so funny you mentioned that in your post. I feel so discombulated when things are out of order let alone when I’m tired of a particular decor…

    Being us…girl we have always mastered this. We just learned as we’ve gotten older that’s it’s more than fabulous to be us!

    Happy and responsible living porky!

    Love you,

    1. Yes ma’am! Everything is coming more into play as we get older. Love that you’re taking the girls to Disney –I’m sure you all will have a blast and make many memories, that’s what it’s all about!

      Good luck with paying off your debt. It can be a sacrifice but that method will keep you motivated and it will all be worth it.

      Thank you for taking the time to write out such a detailed comment 🙂

      Love you chica!

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