20 Things That Make Me Happy in My 20’s ♥

Hey there!♥

In honor of my upcoming birthday -the last year of my 20’s, I’m writing about 2o things that I absolutely love! These are things (& people) that make my LIFE so much more enjoyable. Let’s hop right in! & btw, no particular order.

1. My Beats Headphones – The best when at the gym or on the subway!

2. My Clarisonic – Feels amazing on the skin

3. Face Masks

4. Error Fares (flight glitches) – Save that money honey!

5. Memes – I love a good laugh!

These 20 things make me so happy!

6. My Nikon … dope pics!

7. My students (they are hilarious)

8. Great coworkers,they don’t want me to leave 🙁 

9. Strawberry milk

10. Pedicures

11. Hiking – I gain a lot of clarity during my hikes

12. Joking with my friends

13. Pandora (music streaming)

14. Professional facials – literally the best thing ever, working on that clear skin

15. Traveling Asia


16. Successful Lasek surgery – no more glasses

17. Home cooked meals – by someone else haha

18. Supportive parents

19. Talking to my Mom & Grandmom on the phone

20. Passing my teacher certification tests


This was a fun post to write! What are some things you love? Let me know in the comments!Sign2


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