The Best & Worst of Aruba

BON BINI! <– That means “welcome” in the Papiamento (Aruban) language

Recently I traveled to Aruba for a 7 day stay & I have all the nitty gritty for you to plan your Aruba trip. I’ll be sharing the best and the worst. Aruba is such a beautiful island and I hope you put it on your bucket list. As always, please enjoy, comment & share!

Best: Gorgeous Beaches

Worst: Famous Flamingos are only on a private beach owned by the Renaissance. There is a fee to enter if you are not staying at the property. <— I bet nobody told you that one!

Best: Taxi cabs were generally not hard to find & drivers were quite friendly & informative. One driver told me my hair reminded him of a famous soccer player –> COOL!

Worst: Taxi fare can be expensive if you are not on the beach strip (Beach trip was roughly $20 per day)

Here’s a breakdown of the taxi fees charged:

10 min taxi ride = $10-$11
Trunk use: (At Super Foods) $2 extra
Sunday: $3 extra
Luggage when not traveling to airport: $2 per piece


SN: We (my friends & I) were really perplexed as to why our regular $10 taxi ride had jumped to $18. Welp. It was a Sunday & they each had 2 pieces of luggage because they were leaving me. Now we all know!

Best: Great water activities are spread across the beaches. We personally did a Jolly Pirates tour. It was pretty fun! Unlimited cocktails, snorkeling, & swing rope jump. Yea…see dope video of me swinging from the rope on my IG page 🙂 @chiclouise

Worst: Not many other activities that did not involve water – but I will note that ATV riding & sightseeing were options.


Best: The weather was very tropical! Great beach weather.

Worst: The sun was blazing & winds were high! My suntan from one day of walking is around 4 shades darker. Wow!




Best: Very relaxing island. The vibes were great, very carefree island life.

Con: Not much going on throughout the weekday that was enticing enough to go back ($20 cab fare). There were a few free salsa nights, karaoke night & of course Happy Hour (usually 5-6 & 10-11) but otherwise….ehhh

Best: Bugaloe fries – the tastiest dish that I encountered on the island. Curly fries topped with a beef sauce, melted cheese, sour cream, diced tomatoes & chives! Yummmmm

Worst: Many food options were mediocre & overpriced. However, there were chain restaurants there such as: Hard Rock Cafe, Senor Frogs, Hooters, Benihana and fast foods like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, & Dunkin’ Donuts



Best: Speedy entrance into the country. You will be able to use a self automated system where you place your passport into a machine & it then snaps your picture and you are OUT!

Worst: For those of use who enjoy getting their passport stamped – THERE ARE NO ARUBA STAMPS. Sad face.



♥ In all honesty I would say that Aruba was a much needed and relaxing trip. If you are planning to go let me know and I can be your personal travel consultant. I think Aruba would be a great spot for a baecation, alone relaxation time or family time. I did enjoy my stay, but next time around I would bring a bae & only stay 4-5 days.

I’m hoping this post has helped you, if it did let me know what helped and share it on Facebook! Tag me when you’ve done it 🙂

♥ Mi dushi (my darling), mlk

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