What You Can Expect When Working With a Travel Agent!

A travel agent seems to be an idea of past times, say 1950s, right? WRONG, agents are booming right now. Especially with the age of Instagram & Millennial travelers. Since many have a misconception about travel agents and their line of work, I’m here to help you figure it out.

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1. Travel agents are service professionals. They listen, soak up all the information you’ve given and return it in vacation form! If you tell them what you are looking for they will give you that and sometimes more.

If your idea is unrealistic, they will also guide you to something more representative.


2. Travel agents can find savings, without the underlying fine print that you may see elsewhere. This also saves you time.


3. When working with an agent, you can give them a call or shoot them a text if you need help or have a question.




4. Travel agents are [typically] avid travelers themselves, so they have many tips and tricks that they can share with you to make your trip smoother.


5. Travel agents are people [just like you], so instead of using a booking engine you get personalized help, amazing service, great prices and you get to help a business stay afloat. You can get all of those services for free and the agent earns commission that is paid by a supplier.


Think of it as a WIN|WIN for both parties.






Travel agents provide personalized help,

save time & money,

share tips & tricks

& help you with your dream vacation.


Looking for a Travel Agent?

I’ve been traveling internationally since 2009 and I opened #TravelChic Travel Agency in 2017. It would be a pleasure to be of service to you.


Here is my contact info, share it with your friends and screen shot it!

#TravelChic Travel Agency

Founder & Agent: Mary Kidd|ChicLouise

Phone #: (334) 207-9280





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