How to Fly Internationally Like a Pro

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Today I’m going to give you my personal tips on how to travel comfortably on long haul flights like a pro! Over the course of years from flying back & forth to Korea (14+ hours), international trips to Bali (8 hours), Malaysia (6 hours) and so on, I’ve learned a few tricks here and there & I’m here to share. 

Let’s jump right in! 


Tip #1

Dress comfy…chic….but comfy. At this point you should wear clothing that is breathable and stretchy but can also hold its shape. You don’t want to look like you’ve been on a plane for hours….do you? Also remember to wear comfy shoes that are easily slid on and off.

♥The reason you want to be comfy is because you will be walking through an airport (sometimes an unfamiliar one) and sitting or sleeping for an extended number of hours. Also during the flight I always take my shoes off, so it’s best to have something you can take on and off with ease.

My outfit of choice for plane rides is a nice pair of black tights, a cute, loose-fitting top and sneakers. I also bring a hoodie. Planes are usually kept at a lower temperature and I’m always freezing, so I keep a hoodie for double duty. One for keeping me warm, two to cover my head when it’s time to sleep. This also helps with more privacy.


Tip #2

Bring a travel sized blanket and a neck pillow. As I stated before, the temperature of the plane will be kept low. You do not want to be freezing the entire flight. No bueno. Lots of airlines provide blankets, but in the case that they don’t or you don’t feel comfortable using the provided blanket you have your own.

Neck. Pillow. Do not get caught slipping without one. Imagine trying to sleep in a chair for 5+ hours with no support for your neck. Talk about miserable.

While I’m talking about pillows make sure you get a pillow with a strap – you can clip it onto your carry on, your purse, computer case…wherever. Very important. I had a great pillow once…and guess what? I lost it in Shanghai airport and I had to buy one of those pricey “souvenir” ones at the airport. Again….no bueno.

Tip #3

Headphones + your choice of entertainment. Headphones….my goodness this is the Holy Grail. Always, always, always bring your headphones. Also bring something to plug your headphones into…I.E. iPhone, iPod, iPad, Kindle or whatever your choice of electronics is, bring it. If you are not big on electronics bring something to keep you occupied or productive. A book, adult coloring pages, a journal, study materials, crossword puzzles. Whatever you’d like.

Bonus: Bring a portable charger to keep your batteries juiced up.

Tip #4

Snacks. Healthy snacks. Why? You will get hungry and the provided snacks may not be enough. Also the price mark up in airports and in-flight are ridiculous.

Once they tried to charge me $4 for noodles. NOODLES. $0.25 noodles. No.

♥ I like to bring breakfast bars. They’re easy to transport and filling.

Bonus: Bring an empty water bottle to fill up after you go through customs. The fountain water isn’t the best in my opinion….but it does the trick.

P.S. Fountains are usually found near a restroom. <– you’re welcome.


Tip #5

Wipes & hand sanitizer. You will sit, touch and eat in a place where God knows when it’s been cleaned and who knows how many people have touched and sat and whatever other creepy things *mile high* in the same place.

My advice….bring a travel size packet of antibacterial wipes. This can be used for the seat back tray (I.E where you eat), the arm rests or wherever you see fit. Hand sanitizer is great for before meals or anytime you feel a little funky.


Tip #6

Toiletries. Skin wipes, toothbrush & toothpaste, skin spray and moisturizer.
A long haul can take a toll on your skin. Make sure you have something to cleanse and refresh your face. Also, you’ll be napping so you want to make sure you’re not scaring people off with your “morning breath”. Haha


Well darlings I hope you received a bit of enlightenment on staying comfy in flight.

Let me know what tips you have for staying comfy in the comments below!

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