6 Amazing Countries That You Should Visit

In today’s post I’m talking about 6 countries that should be on your radar. I have personally visited & even lived in these countries. Most of these are in Southeast Asia, as I did live in South Korea for several years while I worked as an ESL teacher. Without further adieu, I give you six countries that you should put in your travel plans!

South Korea 

The ROK (Republic of Korea), as it’s affectionately known holds a special place in my heart. I lived and traveled the country for a total of 3 and a half years! Yes, I lived abroad more than some places in my home country. I started my Korea adventure at the University of Ulsan in 2009 where I spent the summer immersed in Korean culture. This was the game changer. Once my feet were wet I traveled back to live there twice. I lived in Gwangju (Jellonamdo), Bucheon, Hwaseong, & Pyeongtaek. YES, even when I live abroad I move around. I’m a true nomad. 

Why You Should Visit:

Korea is also known as “The Land of Morning Calm” is full of beauty, in fact 70% of the land is mountainous. Imagine waking up to beautiful views of mountains. When fog rolls in during the morning hours it’s breathtaking.

Not only is Korea a beautiful place, but the the people are as well. Inside and out. You can generally find someone that will help you translate or young students who want to speak English with you. You can also see the latest fashion trends. I mean for every activity there is an outfit. Golf, biking, hiking you name it. Korean natives win the best dressed award!

If you’re looking for a place that you can party and drink (Soju) all night in peace, Hongdae (the college area) is the place for you. Night life doesn’t stop here! You can party until 5 in the morning if you want to.




In 2012 I visited Kuala Lumpar. This country is chocked full of Instagram worthy monuments. I only spent a few days in the city, but I truly enjoyed my time. The weather was very HOT. The food was delicious. I distinctly remember having great fried chicken here. lol. 

Why You Should Visit:

The country is rich in culture and history. It was amazing to enjoy the food culture & visit religious sites. Visiting will open your eyes to a different perspective on life. Not to mention if you enjoy beaches, there are islands in Malaysia that you can visit as well.





In 2012 & 2014 I visited Bangkok and Phuket. Yes, both times. I feel in love when I visited the first time. Phuket has the most gorgeous beaches and I have yet to find a place that surpasses the snorkeling.The second time I visited I met up with a fellow traveler, and we went to a Thai cooking class. Another great experience.

Why You Should Visit:

Thailand has some of the best wonders in the world. Specifically the Floating Market. You may or may not have heard of it, but I’m here to let you know it will blow your mind. Think of your local convenience store, but on water!

At the floating market you stroll through “streets” of water with merchants on either side. There are elders selling delicious snacks – my favorite is mango and sticky rice. OMG it’s to die for! You can also purchase souvenirs and get your picture taken here. 

Thailand is also the home of Maya Bay (Ko Phi Phi Don), a scenic area where the film ‘The Beach’ was shot. This area is usually pretty populated with tourists, but it’s pretty interesting to visit nonetheless.















Dominican Republic 

In 2013 I visited Punta Cana for my birthday! This began the start of my love of international b-day trips. This was my first time staying at an all inclusive resort. My room had a jacuzzi tub on the balcony that overlooked a grove of coconut trees. It was so amazing to watch the resort workers chop down fresh coconuts for us! Literally they chopped the coconuts & brought them to the room. So special! Talk about a great birthday. 🙂

Why you should visit:

Dominican Republic is a short flight from Atlanta, making that a great quick getaway if you are pretty close. The beaches are beautiful and waters are clear. There are many all inclusive resorts to choose from. Food & drinks included! If you need help planning a trip here, send me a message!




In 2014 I headed to Boracay for my 27th B-day and I also went back -to Manila- for the weekend in 2015. The most biggest memory about Boracay is the people and their happiness with whatever they had. This gave me an appreciation of life. Boracay has topped my list for most beautiful beach. The white sand beaches and clear water will leave you in awe.

Why You Should Visit:

The Philippines is notoriously cheap. You can get massages everyday you’re there and still spend a fraction of what you’d pay stateside. The people (which makes a trip memorable) are extremely helpful and happy. The white sand beaches are breathtaking.


2015 was the year for Bali! I’d wanted to visit Bali for so long and it finally happened! Once again, massages were plentiful and cheap, my hut was amazing. My stay was relaxing and adventurous all at once.

Why You Should Visit:

Bali has clear beautiful waters, charismatic people, delicious foods and lovely islands. You can receive cheap massage services, meals are hearty and inexpensive and the land is gorgeous. There is a place called “Devil’s Tears” in Lembongan Island where many people go to watch the waves crash on the cliff & watch the sunset. It’s something you should experience in person.


Bali_Cottage Bali_Indonesia_Boat

I hope you’ve been inspired you to get out of your comfort zone & travel a bit more!

Let me know your dream destination in the comments!


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