The Ultimate Gift Guide for Travelers

With Valentine’s Day approaching think of your traveler friend or lover with these ten great gifts.

Here, I present you with the ultimate gift guide for travelers. Use this guide for cool & practical gifts for the traveler in your life.

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1. Travel sized candle – Want chill vibes but can’t bring your huge 3 wick candle? It’s cool, snatch these travel sized candles up for a relaxing atmosphere. They come in 4 different scents. 

2. Bendable travel Pillow – If you’re anything like me sleep is very important! Especially on long international flights. This pillow makes the perfect gift because it can bend and move for the most awkward spaces. 2 thumbs up!

3. Sweet Talk Pens – How cute are these! Make your traveler the envy of everyone else who is filling out travel documents because they don’t have these adorable pens.

BONUS: Can be used to write out itineraries, WIN|WIN.

4. Gold Luggage Tags- #StayChic, you say? How can you not with these on trend luggage tags! With cute phrases like Jetsetter, Ready Set Go, & Get Going you’ll have no trouble spotting your luggage.

TIP: Put your email address down, if your luggage gets lost & you’re in another country email is a quick way to get in contact!

5. Travel Stickers – For the traveler that’s been around the world & wants to decorate their luggage, but can never seem to remember to get a sticker from the actual country. Here’s a great gift & quick fix for that.

6. Passport & Document Organizer – HOLY GRAIL! Travelers have many documents to keep up with – passport, boarding pass, hotel info, credit cards etc. This organizer keeps them all in one place. This is for my practical travelers.

7. Refillable Travel Perfume Spray – I wish someone would buy this for me *HINT HINT*. Perfect for men & women who love to smell good even on vacation & are #TeamCarryOn. Plus, it comes with three refillable bottles so that you can switch it up. Keep ’em guessing.

BONUS: Here’s (one) of the perfumes I use. It’s divine.

8. Clear Travel Organizer – For the traveler who’s ready to go at any moment! I use my personal clear travel bag for toiletries that I need every time. I never empty it. Imagine throwing one small case in your bag and having all the toiletries you need. It’s a huge time saver!

9. Marble Passport Holder – This is not for the basic. This is for he chic. On trend with marble print, this will hold your passport very nicely.

Bonus: Matching Marble Travel Tag

10. Weekender Bag (Carry On) – Now that you have a ton of gift ideas to choose from, throw it all in this bag & take your traveler on a surprise road trip! #TheULTIMATEgift Let #TravelChic Travel Agency plan it for you so it’s easy peasy!

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Let me know your favorite gift items & which ones your secretly want!

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