6 Tips to Clean Your Home!

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Here with a lifestyle post to help you get your home in order. Here’s your six tips to make your home squeaky clean!

Have a plan. Plans are always good. If you just jump right in you may go from one task to the next which (depending on what you do) can waste time.

Think about what needs to be cleaned and also what is your priority.

Should you tackle that junk drawer, a spare room, closets, kitchen drawers or an overall deep clean?

Make a plan of action so you won’t feel overwhelmed.


Set a timer. I would suggest 30 minute intervals of cleaning one specific space so you go ahead and knock it out within the allotted time. It’s easy to get sucked into reminiscing and break time. Especially if you are cleaning a closet! lol

Timers also keep the momentum going. Time’s up? Let’s move to the next!



Prepare food. When I get into the cleaning zone sometimes realize it’s hours later and time to eat. You don’t want to pull out pots and pans to cook & thus creating dishes in the midst of cleaning.

You also don’t want to be “hangry”.

Have something simple already cooked, or even order takeout. Whatever’s clever.


Have supplies ready. Fill a bucket with cleaning supplies stocked and ready.  I  fill my bucket with Pledge, Clorox spray, Lysol wipes, Fabulouso & paper towels. That covers most items.

Bring the trash can into the room you’re working in. You don’t want to waste time walking back and forth to the trash can, especially if you are purging.

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6 Tips to Clean Your Home


Be realistic. If you try to tackle too much in one day you will get burnt out easier.


Don’t halfway clean. If you clean the bedroom, but leave the trash can full it’s not exactly clean, now is it? Apply this to any big throw away and give away items. Put them where they need to go on that day (car, curbside, with a friend, wherever) or else you may never get around to it. Once you are finished cleaning you should be completely DONE. Everything should have a place, surfaces wiped, beds made etc.

Now it’s time to burn a candle and ‘wine’ down.

Do you have any tips for getting a good clean? Let me know below!Sign4


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