Travel Coach



I’ve tanned on the most gorgeous white sand beach in Boracay, Philippines; Rode elephants in Phuket, Thailand; Pet tigers in Kanchanaburi, Thailand;  jumped off  Mt. Seonju (via paragliding) in South Korea, visited some of the most historical temples in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia; eaten at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles in Los Angeles & walked South Beach of Miami.


Does this sound cool? Does the idea of getting your passport stamped excite you? Do you want to experience what the world has to offer but aren’t quite sure where to start?


Well you are in luck… TravelChic is here to help you. I am offering my services as a Travel Coach to help get you started.


How Am I Qualified?

I am an expat living in South Korea. I have traveled the US to include California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Indiana, Texas, Michigan and Washington D.C.

In my international travels I’ve encountered South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines, The Dominican Republic and Indonesia.

During my personal trips I am always the planner, usually making a Power Point Presentation –which my friends laugh at, but secretly love- to document the itinerary. 

Are you ready to take the dopest vacation of your life?




1:1 Session
During the phone meeting, we will have an open discussion about your travel goals, expectations and budget ideals. I will ask you several questions to find out exactly what you want to gain from your trip and you can also ask any travel related questions you may have. According to your preference, we can chat via video (Skype or FaceTime) or by phone.
After speaking, I will create a flexible itinerary that will include suggested flights, accommodation, and activities. This will be sent to you in Microsoft Word format so that you can click on any links as well as print it out as a guide. With your itinerary in hand you will feel the confidence of knowing what’s to come and you can properly prepare for your day to day activities.
Continued Guidance & Support
The initial consultation by phone only lasts one hour, but I will be available via email for continued support. This includes any questions about itinerary and/or travel questions that may arise before your travel dates.


Disclaimer: I am not a travel agent and I will not personally book your flight, hotel accommodations, activities or etc. I will, however, give you my experienced suggestions and recommendations.