Guide to Visiting Taipei, Taiwan

Hi darlingsā™„,

Sorry I am a little late on this post. Life has been very hectic. Moving overseas is no fun šŸ™

The motivation that has been keeping me going is my upcoming vacation to Taipei, Taiwan!


Why did I choose Taipei: Well this vacation kind of happened by default. I caught an error fare flying out of Taiwan and I only had 5 days to spare. So I decided to make it easy on myself and stay in one country!

Length of Stay: June 1st – June 6th

Accommodations: Taipei 1949 & Park City Inn & HostelĀ 



I’d like to give you guys an inside view of what goes on during planning, step by step.

Step 1: Confirm flight departure and arrival times. The most important. You want to make sure you have the correct dates and times so that you can properly plan.

Step 2: Begin researching hotels/hostels. I found that Taipei was a tad bit more expensive (as far as hotels) than previous trips. They also gave me less of what I was looking for. I like swanky, boutique type of hotels with pools! I could not find this within budget–> so I opted for a super cheap hostel stay!

With me it’s either go all the way out or go cheap. Haha!

Step 3: Confirm hostels. I always look for a central location, airport transfers and clean bathrooms. I CAN NOT deal with an old shower. Yuck.

Step 4: Research currency. The table below shows the piece of paper that I carry around to make sure I’m paying a good price for goods and food! The currency that I use is South Korean won (Won). The Taiwan currency is the Taiwanese Dollar (NT). I googled NT currency notes, typed those in the 1st column. Then I converted those exact amounts to Won in the 2nd column. In the 3rd & 4th column I converted the Won currency notes to NT.

Currency Table
I call this my “Currency Table”. I use this to quickly see how much I’m paying in my own currency.


Step 5: Research “Things to Do”. <– Literally. I typed in a Google search for “Taipei things to do“. I like to use Trip AdvisorĀ & Lonely Planet most of the time. But I scan for other interesting articles as well.

Step 6: Book any guided tours & set trip schedule. I have not gotten to this part yet, but I have a few things in mind :). I always like to pay for tours in advance because it’s easier and less stressful to me. No worrying about if I have the right amount of cash and the correct currency!

Well you guys, that is what goes into planning the ultimate trip! No winging it for me. I love to plan šŸ™‚

How this helps you plan:

You can use this a a loose guide on how to plan your next trip. These tips go in a naturally occurring order so you don’t miss anything.

Let me know where you plan to go on your next trip in the comments! Also remember that you can hire me to be your Travel Coach if you hate planning! Click this link for detailsĀ ā™„




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