Websites You Should Be Using to Find the BEST Travel Deals!

Hey there,

Here today with a travel post. Want to know where to go for great deals? I have a few starter tips for you.

These are the two sites that I use most frequently for booking flights:

Kayak – Why I like this site: Kayak has a feature where you can be flexible with your dates (+- 3 days) and they search so many other sites, so it saves you a lot of time.

Skyscanner – Why I like this site: In addition to searching the web for the lowest prices, you can put your destination as “everywhere” if you just want to explore or see which flight is cheapest near you. I love it!

Two Facebook Pages you should follow for “Error Fares or Glitch Fares”:

Definitely follow if you’re about that travel life! #TravelChic

The Flight Deal & Airfarewatchdog

FYI about error fares:

  1. These are mistakes…so they aren’t guaranteed to be there long.
  2. If you see an error fare -JUST BOOK IT – no time to contemplate. But make sure to view the cancellation policy.
  3. Do not call the airline if you see an error fare…because like I said it’s a mistake (that works in your favor) so once they know about the mistake they will fix it. Get it?
  4. If the flight is out of another city you can probably fly to that city very cheaply and still get a good bargain.

Real Life Example: I live in South Korea. I’m returning to the USA. Flights from SK to USA are upwards of $1000. There was an error fare from Taiwan to USA for $197. Yes, $197. So of course I jumped on it (#2) within the next ten minutes. FYI (#4) I am taking a flight that’s right around $100 to get to Taiwan. So instead of paying $1000+ to get home I’m playing less than $350. #WIN FYI: I checked the next day and the flight was $853 (#1).

Let me know how these sites worked for you in the comment section! Also if you’re just not that into planning let me plan for you! Click this link for more details on travel coaching.




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